The writer and performing artist has been commissioned to perform her poetry to inspire audiences at ceremonies, meetings, events, and performances. Her energy and sharp wisdom elevates the experience of any occasion and captivates her audience.

Some events Amanda has performed at:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Residential Celebration

A World at School--The British Consulate

Live Talks LA featuring Amy Tan

Amanda uses her skills to craft writing pieces for organizations, commercials, and brands. She caters her words to the specific message of the production companies, NGO's, and campaigns she works with to generate a powerful and effective piece of writing.

Some groups Amanda has been asked to give writing for:

Vital Voices/ANN Inc

72 and Sunny Productions

Sarah Brown's 'Up for School'

Maria Shriver's '1FOR30' poetry campaign

Interview for Your Publication, Panel, and More 

Performing a Piece for Your Event

Creating a Piece for Your Organization

​Writer. Performer. Leader.

"The power behind Flake's first novel was not in her denial of insecurities but her acceptance of them"

--Amanda Gorman

"As a little girl, I fell in love with writing before I truly realized what I was doing."

--Amanda Gorman

"The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) had reached its goal of empowering women by beginning with one afro-headed, stick-skinny girl."

--Amanda Gorman


Amanda Gorman

​Poet. Activist. Change-Maker


"Poetry is voice, and the courage to use it."

--Amanda Gorman

Amanda's eloquence in describing her journey, values, and goals makes her the engaging focus of many interviews and panels. Open and honest, she is more than willing to add her experience to magazines, channels, and conferences.

Some groups Amanda has been interviewed by:

Teen Vogue

ABC Family


The Today Show

Sista's Keeper Magazine